Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your WBFJ Family Station Forecast: Partly sunny…High near 90

Expect to pay more to cool your home next month. Duke Energy is raising rates by 5% to help recoup higher fuel costs.  The breakdown: If your home power bill runs round $90 dollars a month…expect to add about $5 dollars more. The rate increase will take effect Sept. 1.

Doctors at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have successfully grown a human muscle (after being transplanted into animals) using regenerative cells.  Sphincters are one of 36 different organs (including ears, bladders, bones, skin, heart valves and livers) that the center is growing and testing.  Since regenerative organs use the patient's own cells, the organs cannot be rejected. Dr. Benjamin Harrison stressed the importance of their research by saying more than 100,000 Americans are currently waiting…while on a transplant list. www.myfox8.com/news/wghp-baptist-doctors-grow-first-successful-regenerative-muscles-20110810,0,6119735.story

New Barna Research showing that women are currently attending church and Sunday school less, reading the Bible less, and consider their faith less important in their lives. The Barna report shows that over the last two decades, women have become less likely to hold traditional views of God as the all-knowing creator and ruler of the universe. Also, women today are less likely to see the devil as a real being, considering him more a "symbol of evil." www.christianpost.com/news/women-falling-away-from-religion-report-finds-53352/

Gold prices closed above $1,800 dollars an ounce on Wednesday.  Fox 8 reporting that some businesses in Greensboro were buying 10-karat gold for more than $25 dollars a gram.  Are you taking advantage of record high gold prices by selling or pawning unwanted jewelry? On the flip side, some people are buying gold coins.  FYI: You can check market prices on gold by going to the Kit-co Gold Index at http://www.kitco.com/

Police are asking for more information regarding the deadly accident on Interstate 40 / 85 that has claimed the life of a 6 year old boy. Troopers said that a car driven by Laura Sanchez of Burlington was hit by a tractor-trailer that was merging lanes. The impact caused Sanchez’s car to go off the interstate and crash. Again, the accident happened on along WB 40 / 85 (near mile marker 141) around 11:30pm on Monday night. If you have any information about the wreck or the tractor-trailer…call the state Highway Patrol at (336) 334-5500.

Are you ready for some local High School football?  Gates open at 5pm Friday afternoon for the NewBridge Bank Invitational Football Jamboree, an annual scrimmage and fundraising event for area high schools. Tickets to each event are $5 at the door (children under six get in for free)   Check out their website for location and team info… http://www.newbridgebankjamboree.com/default.aspx

NFL Pre-Season: Seahawks and Chargers TONIGHT @ 8pm
The Carolina Panthers play on Saturday.