Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Code Orange Air Quality Alert for the Triad today

Your WBFJ Family Station Forecast: Mix of sun and clouds. Humid and HOT…High 94

Close to 25-hundred job seekers turned out for Caterpillar’s first job fair yesterday in Winston-Salem. The company hopes to fill 392 full time positions and 118 contracted positions by late summer. The Winston-Salem Journal reporting that one lady drove two and a half hours to drop off a resume at yesterday’s job fair. Good News: Caterpillar is planning a second ‘larger’ job fair…set for late July. More info at http://www.jointeamcaterpillar.com/

School officials at West Davidson High School are considering requiring student athletes to take random drug tests starting this Fall. The Davidson County school board plans to vote on the policy at its next meeting (5pm on June 30) at its central office building. Public comment is welcome at the meeting. This is the first time any high school in Davidson County has asked for drug-testing policy for its athletics program. Each test will cost $48 dollars. The Lexington Dispatch

North Carolina lawmakers should vote later today on requiring that expectant women get specialized counseling and wait 24 hours before having an abortion. Fox News reporting that the bill would prohibit an abortion unless a woman is provided with state-specified information about the physician at least 24 hours in advance. Women also would get information about the likely stage of development of the unborn child, the medical risks of having an abortion (and giving birth) and the availability of abortion alternatives. FYI: North Carolina is one of 16 states that does NOT require specialized counseling before an abortion. Half the states require a waiting period after counseling.

A strong majority of Americans, especially young Americans, believe having an abortion is wrong. One of the questions from a new Reuters poll (conducted in March for National Public Radio…YES, NPR), asked “Do you personally believe having an abortion is wrong?” Almost 60% of Americans said yes (abortion is wrong), while slightly more than 40% were OK with abortion. The poll also asked whether abortions “should be legal , the responses were less pro-life, with just over 50% of Americans wanting abortions to be legal in ‘most’ or ‘all’ cases. http://www.ncfamily.org/stories/110607s1.html

In Arizona, more than 5,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes because of those wildfires. A large portion of Arizona is under a "red flag" fire alert today.  CNN saying that the ‘Wallow Fire’ has burned close to 400,000 acres.

Attitude maybe? A Salt Lake City man was slapped with a ‘disorderly conduct charge’ after paying his a disputed medical bill...with 2,500 pennies. The Deseret News reporting that Jason West went to a local clinic to pay a disputed (outstanding) $25 dollar medical bill . Jason asking staff members is they accepted CASH…that’s when he dumped 2,500 pennies on the counter…the pennies hit the counter…and the floor.  That’s when he demanded that staff count them. Police later issued the 38-year-old disgruntled bill payer a citation for disorderly conduct that carries a fine of $140 dollars or 14,000 pennies. http://www.digtriad.com/news/watercooler/article/178269/176/Man-Cited-After-Paying-Bill-With-2500-Pennies?source=nletter-j%%__AdditionalEmailAttribute1%%

A story heard too often over the past few years…families facing foreclosure. But, a Naples’ couple took matters into their own hands (with the help of a lawyer) after a local Bank of America branch initiated foreclosure proceedings against them. The problem: Warren and Maureen Nyerges paid $165,000 cash for their 2,700 square foot home back in 2009…never took a mortgage out on it.  The couple hired an attorney, Todd Allen, to defend them against the wrongful foreclosure. After five months of phone calls and letter writing and getting nowhere with the bank, a judge even siding with the couple…the bank ‘refused’ to pay the couple’s attorney’s fees.   The next step in the legal collection process, obtaining an ‘order of foreclosure’ against the bank. Last week, Warren and Maureen along with their attorney arranged for moving trucks to pull up in front of the B of A Naples branch to execute a foreclosure judgment against the bank.   Allen stated during an interview with CBS News, sheriff’s deputies were instructed to remove cash from the tellers’ drawers, furniture, computers and other property. Approximately one hour later, the Naples News reports, the bank manager produced a check for $5,772.88 to satisfy Allen’s fees and additional costs. “We apologize to Mr. Nyerges that there was a delay in receiving the funds, ”the bank’s written statement to the Naples News. “The original request went to an outside attorney who is no longer in business.” http://moneyland.time.com/2011/06/06/homeowner-forecloses-on-bank-of-america-yes-you-heard-that-right/#ixzz1OgcFy6vQ

Johnston County Schools is dropping their appeal of a federal judge's order allowing freshman Ariana Lacono to attend class with a nose piercing as long as she remains a member of a religious group that practices body modification. The school’s dress code forbids facial piercings. The teen was repeatedly suspended and then banned from Clayton High School last year for wearing a nose stud. A district judged issued an emergency court order last October allowing her to return to school and wear her nose stud while the litigation was pending. The state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union says the resolution is a victory for religious freedom. www.nbc17.com/topics/types/organization/tags/clayton-high-school/