Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your WBFJ Family Station Forecast: Cloudy and breezy. Scattered showers this afternoon…High 72  (Record HIGH today is 74 degrees)

Most road construction in the state is being suspended over the Thanksgiving holiday. Most road construction will stop at 4pm this afternoon and will resume early Monday morning.
Also, watch your speed! “Operation Slow Down” continues over the Thanksgiving holiday through next Monday.

The Christian Flag will once again fly at a Veterans Memorial in King? There were mixed emotions at last night’s King City Council meeting where a lawyer from the Alliance Defense Fund answered questions about the town’s new policy regarding which flags can fly at the city’s Veteran’s Memorial. The city council has come up with a plan that would allow veterans and their families to fly a flag (or no flag) for a 7 day period. The families will be chosen via a ‘lottery’. Flags flown must be approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs. The controversy concerning the flying of the Christian flag stems from a war veteran who complained that the flag didn't belong there. The Christian flag was removed from the Park back in September. www.myfox8.com/news/wghp-story-king-101122,0,7839894.story

Updated story: Tensions are high this morning along the border of North and South Korea after North Korea fired artillery shells into a populated South Korean island near the countries’ disputed border. Two South Korean soldiers were killed and at least 16 others injured in the attack. In response, South Korea returned fire and scramble fighter jets. The White House stating that the US is "firmly committed" to South Korea's defense and to "peace and stability" in the region . FYI: Technically, the two sides remain at war because a 1953 peace treaty halting the Korean War was never negotiated.  (Fox 8 / WS Journal)

Former Governor Mike Easley is expected to enter a plea deal Tuesday in state court. Today’s hearing follows a year-long probe into Easley's campaign finances. (WXII)

Officials in North Topsail Beach are looking into the intentional killing of at least 25 pelicans. The town says wildlife officials are examining the birds believe they were killed on purpose. Pelicans are a protected species. (AP)

A nasty early winter storm is expected to dump heavy snow across the eastern portions of Washington State. At least three deaths have already been blamed on the storm. The National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for Utah, amid forecasts of strong winds, heavy snow and possible whiteout conditions Tuesday night.  (The Weather Channel)

Sports…No. 1 Duke over Marquette 82-77 In CBE Semifinals.  Duke will face No. 4 Kansas State in the championship game tonight.

Monday Night Football: Philip Rivers threw 4 touchdowns in the Chargers 35 -14 win over the Denver Broncos last night