Terrie's News from Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grayson County, Patrick County, Carroll County, Galax City schools are closed today due to wintry weather.

A Local woman had a prime seat for last night’s State of the Union address. Forsyth Tech biotech student Kathy Proctor was next to the first lady to hear President Obama’s call for America to focus on the technologies of the future. His address also included arguments against some of the corporate tax loopholes that help many companies avoid federal taxes altogether.

There was empty at the speech before congress last night…that of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Many Senators and Representatives wore a ribbon of support for their colleague, who was shot while speaking at a supermarket earlier this month. A bit of good news for her…doctors have upgraded her condition from serious to good, and she’ll be moved this morning to a rehabilitation facility in Houston.

Thomasville’s city manager is off the hook on charges of drug possession. 54 year old Kelly Craver was arrested first of the year, but after an investigation of the matter, a Davidson county judge said there wasn’t enough evidence to hold him guilty.

If you’re planning to watch the super bowl next weekend, here’s what you won’t see: cheerleaders. It’s a rare occurrence, but neither the Green Bay Packers nor the Pittsburgh Steelers have them. Probably because it’s always freezing during football season, and they can’t find enough crazy young women to wear short shorts on the field.

And a thumbs up from the Pope for Facebook…kind of. 83 year old Pope Benedict issued a message this week about the great opportunities available through media and social networks like Facebook, but he also warned that online friendships are no substitute for real human contact.

President Obama mentioned Forsyth Tech a couple of times last night in his State of the Union address, and biotech student Kathy Proctor was there, along with her twin daughters. She decided to get the high tech training at FTCC after losing her job in the furniture industry. The President spoke of the need for America to focus more on technologies of the future.

The Pope has officially condemned the suicide attack at Moscow’s airport this week. He sent word to Russia’s president, offering heartfelt condolences to the families of 35 people killed in the attack, believed to be the work of Islamic militants.

You’ll notice a change in food packaging in a few months…The White House, well…the first lady in particular…wants food makers to be more forthright about the nutritional value of their products, so a new program called Nutrition Keys will be showing up on the front of packages, including calories, saturated fats, sodium and sugars.

Toyota is recalling 1.7 million vehicles for defects that could cause fuel leakage…but, most of them are in Japan. The models in North America that are affected in the recall include Lexus IS and GS luxury cars.

A couple of NC companies have issued recalls of some products that may have been under your Christmas tree. Family Dollar stores sold imported remote controlled toy tanks between September and December…there’s a problem with the controller that could pose a burn hazard. And more than a thousand butterfly push toys sold at flea markets in North and South Carolina could come apart and cause choking or suffocation. If you have either of these items, return them to point of purchase for a refund.

Using social networking to grow closer to God? That’s the aim of a group called Christian Aid in the U.K. They’ve set up a twitter account called Count Your Blessings. It’ll kick off March 9th..Ash Wednesday…with daily reflections to help people look at the good things in their lives and respond through giving, reflection, action or prayer. Check it out at www.Christianaid.org.uk/lent.

The Tarheels might have a chance to play a really cool game next season.  It’s not set in stone yet, but details are being worked out for a game between UNC and Michigan State on board an aircraft carrier in San Diego on Veterans Day.