Monday, June 22, 2009

You may not want to nibble on your Nestle raw cookie dough. Nestle is recalling its refrigerated Toll House Cookie Dough after the Centers for Disease Control investigation showed "a strong association" between eating raw refrigerated cookie dough made by Nestle and the E. coli illnesses of 65 people in 29 states since March.
Nestles has temporarily stopped making the refrigerated dough products while the FDA investigates their Danville, Virginia factory where all the recalled items are made.
Recall information: www.verybestbaking.com 1-800-559-5025

GAS PRICES HAVE FALLEN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN NEARLY TWO MONTHS. The Triple A says the national average for regular unleaded is $2.69. The statewide average for regular unleaded is $2.63. Find cheap gas prices: http://www.northcarolinagasprices.com/

An accident claiming the life of a teenager yesterday afternoon. 16 year old Cassandra Maria Fiscal from Denton died when her car overturned and hit a tree. The wreck occurred on Highway 49 about four miles south of Asheboro.

Fox News reporting that Iran's Revolutionary guard threatens to ‘crush’ any further opposition protests. Opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi is calling for more demonstrations but cautioning political protesters to use “self control”. Iran's election authority is rejecting claims of voting irregularities in the presidential election, while acknowledging the number of ballots cast in some cities exceeded the number of eligible voters. Iranian authorities have arrested over 400 people during violent post-election protesters. More than 17 people have died in the unrest. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,528047,00.html

A respiratory therapist who may have exposed 33 babies to the H1N1 virus at Women's Hospital in Greensboro has tested positive for the virus. The therapist probably contracted the virus while treating another patient who tested positive for the virus last week. So far, none of the infants have shown any ‘flu-like’ symptoms and are being treated with Tamiflu.
BTW: Officials at the UNC-G confirmed that a second student at the school had also tested positive for the virus late last week. http://www.wxii12.com/health/19799942/detail.html

Pop singer Rihanna will appear in court today…at her former boyfriend’s preliminary hearing. Chris Brown has pleaded not guilty in connection with assault on Rihanna back in February. The Judge will decide whether there is enough evidence to send case to trial. http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/22/chris.brown.hearing/index.html?iref=hpmostpop

Big announcement from Jon and Kate Gosselin (the parental stars) of "Jon & Kate Plus 8”. Special one hour episode tonight on TLC.

SPORTS: Play resumes this morning at the US Open. Lucus Glover and Rickey Barnes tied for #1…Phil Mickelson in a three way tie for second. FYI: High Point resident and recent Virginia Tech graduate 22 year old Drew Weaver finished yesterday at (7 over) after 63 holes.

NASCAR: Kasey Kahne winning the road course at Sonama. Good news for Petty Motorsports…the Kasey Khane win snaps a 37 race winless streak for Petty Enterprises.